ABC's of Preschool



Behavior Management-I believe students thrive on positive recognition and praise. I will work hard to create an environment of friendship and respect in my classroom. I teach students that life is about choices and I expect them to make appropriate choices. I strive for consistency and will start the school year with clear expectations. I strongly believe that all students have the right to learn in a safe and productive environment. When problems arise, they are dealt with naturally and logically. When problems arise between students, they are taught to use “I-Care Language” to tell each other how they are feeling. I encourage the children to stop and calm down, talk and listen to each other, and then agree on a plan and try it.

Birthdays-We have lots of birthdays to celebrate this school year. Feel free to send in birthday pencils, cap erasers, etc. for each student in the class.

Breakfast-Research shows that children who eat breakfast learn better than those who don’t so please be sure your child is eating breakfast daily.

Calendar-I will update our classroom calendar almost daily with school information, classroom events, and volunteer opportunities.

Communication-Communication between school and home is vital to your child’s success. It’s very important to me that you are aware of everything that is going on at school. To keep you informed, I will post a newsletter on the website at the end of every week. I will also give each child a Take Home Folder that will travel to and from school every day. Family Journals will come home each Friday. And of course, you can always reach me by phone or email. Please feel free to contact me at anytime for any reason.

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Conferences- Barryton hosts two Parent/Teacher conference days during the school year. However, you or I may request additional conferences throughout the year if needed. During our first conference, I will introduce you to the progress report and discuss your child's accomplishments, strengths, and overall progress. We will also do two home visits.

Confidientiality-The safety and well-being of my students is my number one priority, which is why I insist that any conversations or observations made while in the school setting should not be discussed in or out of school with anyone other than me, Mrs. Charron or Mrs. Crosby. I sincerely appreciate your respect towards the privacy of myself and my students.

Differentiation-Because all children enter my classroom with different abilities, learning styles, prior knowledge, and experiences, they may require different levels of instruction. Since it is my responsibility to take each child from where they are to a higher level, students may be learning concepts differently from his/her peers. With this type of teaching in the classroom, you can be sure that your child’s individual needs will be met.

Dismissal-We dismiss at 2:27. Walkers will be picked up near the office. Be sure to sign your child out. Children may not be dismissed to anyone that is not on their emergency contact card for their own safety.

Early Dismissal-If your child needs to leave school before the regular dismissal time, you must go to the office to sign him/her out. Our secretary will call for your child to meet you in the office.

Email-I check my email every day. If there is a message that you need to get to me before school, please call instead. In regards to student confidentiality, please do not send any personally identifiable information about your child through email. When emailing me, please use initials instead of your child’s full name. If it is something important or personal that you need to discuss with me, please contact me by phone or in person.


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